Spreading happiness with my art.

How you helped Sweet Bohemian Life become a reality.

Welcome to Sweet Bohemian Life, brought to you by Kathryn Greenwald. Featuring my original art designs for out of the ordinary gifts.

~Kathryn Greenwald, Sweet Bohemian Life

Life itself is Art ~Kathryn Greenwald

“Art is standing with one hand extended into the universe and one hand extended into the world, and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy.”  ~Albert Einstein

Hello my name is Kathryn, Here is a little story about how I have arrived at this wonderful place and time with my art. As far back as I can remember, art has always been my passion. My path to a career in art & design started when I was about 5, I thought my white bed sheets were much too plain so I decorated the sheets with crayons. After I finished the sheets on my bed I decorated my sister’s sheets…my poor Mom.

In Jr. High I begged my Mom for art lessons, I got the art lessons and soon I was painting my bedroom wall with a rainbow. I loved to doodle on my papers in school. Art class was my favorite place to be in High School. After High School, I attended Columbus College of Art & Design in Ohio.

More than anything I wanted to be a Mom, my wish came true. Soon after my husband and I got married we welcomed our first sweet baby boy. Two years later a beautiful baby girl, two years after that our family was complete with the birth of our 3rd, a baby boy. Not wanting to take a 9-5 job and leave my little ones, I became focused on making $ from home. Art was always there for me. I created art to sell at Craft fairs and collectible hand painted, dated Christmas ornaments.

Later I began a decorative painting business, faux finishing, and painting murals in client’s homes. As my children got older I opened a gift shop  that featured my hand painted items as well as other merchandise for gift giving. My business has now evolved into printing my original art onto fabric. My line includes tea towels, tote bags, pillows, pillowcases, Aprons, and Tees. I’m a free spirited artist with roots in the 70’s, that’s how my store name “Sweet Bohemian Life” came to be. Everything featured in my shop is an original design created and printed by me, Kathryn, in my Northern CA studio.

When you shop at Sweet Bohemian Life you are going to receive the highest quality handmade items because I process each order from start to finish. I always wrap each item in nice tissue and I’ll include a card from you if you instruct me to with your order. I feel blessed to have a job that I love and feel passionate about. Thank you for being a part of my happy journey!

Peace & Love,


 I welcome you to my store; know that each item is printed with earth friendly inks. My printed flour sack towels replace paper towels (good for the earth) the towels make a really nice gift. I often use the printed flour sack towels as a wine wrap for gift giving. The recipient will remember you long after the wine is consumed.